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6th June 2003

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#1 13 years ago

We welcome all interested gamers to play with us on our dedicated server:

Battlefield 2 Server Squad Base-

If you have not already visited us, please do so!

We are a long runnin gaming community. We are a very friendly clan hence the name 'fellowship'. Some people come here to game, some for comradery, others for both. We are a very tight knit group, and would like regulars and clan hopefuls to join in our fun atmosphere. Cheating is not tolerated and either is vulgarity, rudeness or disrespect for others. We are a very modest clan and understand that we win some and we lose some. We play CSS and EA's Battlefield Series. We excel for the best and recognize talent as both a person's skill AND personality.

Accepted Clan Members of FotF enjoy many benefits. Some of these are.

High speed servers

Internal squad league

Tournaments with prizes

Public Matches

Regular scrimmage games

And much more!

The best way to make your mark to the clan is to game with us actively, follow the rules and guidelines outlined on our 'about us' page located off our main webpage and get to know us OFF server by posting on our forums.

We look forward to gaming with you and hope to see you become a regular on our server. If you have any other concerns or issues, feel free to contact our PR rep Til're and she will get you the info you need.

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