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#1 10 years ago

After a year long spell of SWAT 4, the clan "Central Operations 19" is dead... ...and from the ashes a new BF2 clan has formed: The Foxtrots

Clan Tag: [FOXT] Established: 6th March 2007 Clan Members: 7 Server: (or just filter "FOXT") Website: The Foxtrots :: UK BF2 Clan -------------------------------------- Age Restriction: 18+ (16-17 allowed if proved to be mature) Must Haves: xFire, loyalty and commitment

The Foxtrots are actively seeking new members to join the force. The clan is built and maintained by serving police officers, community support officers and other civilian staff, however, it is not a requirment to be a police employee to join the clan. We're looking for people with the right stuff and who are willing to put the effort into a new clan.