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#1 11 years ago

Fear Us Clan was established in October 2005, at present we have 20 full members and 1 recruits. We try to have as much fun as possible whilst still being competitive. We are a UK based clan but we recruiting players from anywhere in europe, we do however have a age limit which is 16+. All full members are server admins. Fu* is currently in the Definative league gaming ladder so we are seeking active reliable players who like to play as a team. Wanna check us out then jump on our server port 17167 and squad up with us If interested then please go to Fear Us Clan Website and fill out an application form or email me at [EMAIL="fuscottyboy@hotmail.com"]fuscottyboy@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] and i will send you an induction pack which should answer any queries that you may have. So register on the website and check us out Fu*scottyboy(recruitment officer) Fu*Brix (recruitment officer) any queries then just pm us and we will gladly answer them