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15th March 2004

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Global Assault is the newest edition to the MyIS ( Tournament family which has now reached 8 in total. Some of you may recognize some tournament names such as 21stCenturyWarfare and BFE:WaW etc... For those of you that have not heard or participated in any of these "game styles" I shall give you a somewhat brief rundown of what these sort of tournaments are comprised of and how they are run. Each tournament is comprised of a basic hierchy. You have your owners, your general admins and your battle admins. Each having their own job to keep the tournament running smoothly. There are tours of duty or "campaigns" which roughly run 10-12 weeks with battles on a set day or days of the week where two armies will come and battle over a span of 9-12 hours. You are in NO way expected to particpate the whole time. You come and go as you please, but while you are there you follow the battle rules and the rules set down by your commanding officers. After each set of 10-12 weeks there is a "shuffle" where new commanders are chosen and in some cases rules are added or altered and the occasional admin is added to the roster. Then you start all over again fresh with new leaders who use different styles of game play fighting for a TEAM victory. The Staff at Global Assault will work with every member of the tournament to try their best to optimize the level of fun that each person will have during their stay for each campaign, and as far as clans, we promises to work with every clan to keep them on the same side (if they so wish) so that they can fight in these large scale battles along side eachother. Once signed up you will be able to participate in organized practices on one of our servers provided to us by MyIS, and also the chance to participate in the six to twelve hour long battles that go on every Saturday. As you may notice this is NOT the first BF2 tournament to publicize its opening of recruitment/registration, nor will it be the last. We will not attempt to say that this tournament will be the best (Though we can hope) of all the other BF2 tournaments, but I can tell you that our plans for this tournament entail moving onto a modification some time in the near future, which may interest some of you. We are still setting things up in regards to rules and the Generals for the first "Beta" campaign have yet to be finalized, however registration has just been opened. And now... for our story line... =)

The beginning of the 21st century was ravaged by terrorism and war. Middle Eastern oil companies continued to supply crude oil to the United States, but at a extremely high and ever rising price. China, housing a billion people, realized its reliance on oil had overshadowed America, and began searching for cheaper prices. The Middle Eastern/Chinese Treaty of 2006 offered a starving China access to Middle Eastern oil at an affordable price, while the United States continued to deal with $100 dollar a barrel prices. The time had come for America to make its stand. Releasing its ultimatum at the end of 2006, America called for equality for all nations oil prices, or the Chinese/Middle-Eastern Coalition (CMEC) would face military force. As months passed without any response, United States Carrier Battle Groups began converging on the Asian continent, stationing themselves in the Indian Ocean and East China Sea, preparing for the attack order.

This is as close as it gets to the real thing! The stage is set, are you brave enough to pick up arms and join the fight? Sign up today FREE at OR Feel free to join us on our teamspeak or game servers Teamspeak IP: 64Man Ranked Server IP: Thank You for your time [TA]Phantom