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[color=black]The HIT Squad is a clan founded at the outset of Battlefield Vietnam’s release. While we are a relatively new clan, our foundation is strong. =HIT= was formed for players looking to sharpen their personal skills while competing in a mature (age 21 and up), TEAM-oriented environment. What started out as a group of three friends has grown to a clan of around 20 active members, with 5-10 “reservists” that join in now and again. While we currently participate in Battlefield Vietnam, we plan on transitioning to BF2 primarily upon its release. We maintain our focus on four goals:[/color] [color=black]- Maintain an active schedule with many opportunities to compete.[/color] [color=black]- Focus on strategy and teamwork to enhance the gaming experience for all members. - Create laid back atmosphere and have fun (while winning of course).[/color] [color=black]- Provide organized training for our members to help them improve/practice all of their skills.[/color] [color=black]If you are interested in joining the HIT squad, here are a few details you might want to know:[/color] [color=black]- We only accept applicants who are age 21 or over[/color] [color=black]- We maintain a HEAVY match/scrim schedule. Most matches we participate in start between 8pm – 10pm EST. [/color] [color=black]- We currently participate in TWL ladders for 5v5, 8v8 and 10v10.[/color] [color=black]- Most of our members hail from the U.S. and are in the Central and Eastern Time Zones.[/color] [color=black]- We have our own 20 slot BFV Game Server (IP:[/color] [color=black]- We use TeamSpeak2 for squad communication.[/color] [color=black]- We take our reputation as a mature clan seriously – if you cannot treat your teammates or other players with respect, don’t apply.[/color] [color=black]- Our clan tag is =HIT=[/color] [color=black]We are currently recruiting for mature members who share our goals. While we will consider any applicant to our clan, we have a special need for talented Heli pilots. Feel free to email me at [email="HuckHound1@gmail.com"]HuckHound1@gmail.com[/email] or go to www.hitsquadclan.com for more information. [/color]