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7th August 2005

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#1 13 years ago

[color=Black]The Center for Death and Chaos would like to open the opportunity for other clans to either Merge with the {CDC} or create a Clan Coalition. The Coaltion could be used to share resources (i.e. ventrilo, game servers, etc.) also provide the opportunity to set up fast scrimages and practices. Below I have added some basic Info on the {CDC} if you have questions or if your interested please email me at [email=""][/email][/color]

The Center for Death and Chaos is looking for mature gamers to fill empty spots on our roster. We are a dedicated Battlefield clan. We are a structured and organized clan with 40+ members and are looking for some more dedicated players of all skill levels.

COMPETITIONS: We compete in the TWL 12v12 and the TWL 8v8 Battlefield 2 leagues and ladders. As a member of the {CDC} you are not required to participate in ladders and leagues but the opportunity is there if you want to.

REQUIREMENTS: Our age limit is currently set at 18 years of age because we have had numerous problems with members under that age. Members of the {CDC} are required to pick a call-sign that can be associated with a deadly or dangerous illness, disease, virus, chemical or biological agent, fictional or non-fictional. We also do have rules in our clan, but none that should be to hard to follow. If you have questions about the requirements contact the Recruiting Division at [email=""][/email]

SERVERS: We are in the process of getting a 32 man ranked server and an unranked server. We use Ventrilo for our voice communications. If you think you have what it takes visit us at

CLAN MERGERS: If you are a representative of a clan that is looking for a merger we would be glad to discuss the terms of a merger with you. Clans of 5 or more people will be assigned to their own squad, with your clan leader assigned as the squad leader. Clans with 10 or more members will be given their own Company with your Clan leader assigned as the Company Commander.

For any additional questions you can contact our command staff at [email=""][/email]

{CDC}Ebola [color=DarkRed][/color] “No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great, duty first”