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#1 13 years ago
Visit us online at AbyssLegion.com

We are a Clan associated with Battlefield 2, by EA Games

Our Clan tag is "=LotA="

All members are highly skilled and regularly play BF2. We ask that all members play at least 2 nights out of the week to keep thier skills sharp.

  • We strongly encourage teamwork.
  • We encourage specialization in areas you enjoy, such as Sniper, anti-Tank, Helo piloting, Jet Piloting, etc.
  • TeamSpeak Enabled
  • Xfire Enabled
  • We stress the need for leadership, and reward those who do.
  • We support our members to the best of our clans capability.
  • Regular use of this website is mandatory to keep in touch with legion activites and link up with other members who may be playing.

If you are interested in joining please contact the Admissions Department

If you have further questions please E-Mail us