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AA.png Lima Company ==================== Welcome to Lima Company Headquarters. Lima Company was formed and organized by D3vilDog and Poth34d on July 1st of 2006. It was decided to from a gaming community around a real life US military unit. It was decided to center it around Lima Company, 3th Bn, 25th Marines, a Columbus, Ohio Marine Reserve Regiment that was made famous when on the 14th of September, 2005 14 members of the company were killed when a IED detonated underneath their LAV (Landing Assault Vehicle). It total the company lost 15 Marines during their deployment to the hostile Al Anbar Providence of western Iraq. Lima Company is structured after real military units so that while you may have a rank and responsibilities, you are still entitled to have fun – no rigorous schedules or time restraints. Then again, if you want to make yourself known, anyone can work hard, and inspire others.

About Lima Company ==================== The company has grown from primarily focusing on Ghost Recon and America’s Army: Special Forces and has since branched off into Battlefield 2 in late November and more recently to Rainbow Six: Vegas. The leadership of the company is center around former/currently active soldiers and Marines which hold their members of their respected divisions to the highest of standards. Dedication, professionalism, honor, and a strong sense of camaraderie helps binds the members into a cohesive and collective gaming community. Lima Co is a 16+ clan but immaturity of any of its members is never tolerate by the officers and senior non-commissioned officers of the company and have a zero tolerance policy for violators and will be quickly discharged from the ranks. Lima Company will pride itself to be one of the greatest and organized gaming communities in the world. Although we are based in the United States, we are an International Clan because no matter what ethnicity you are, everyone is welcomed, from all over the world.

Join [LC] Today! ==================== Join our gaming community! It is very simple and you will gain great experience in which to use in the future. Come join us on Team speak at Lima Company has three branches which need strong capable leaders, as well as skilled soldiers for competitive leagues! Army, Marines, and CTU are three great battle contingents that will train you to be the best in the virtual world. Join us today! My Xfire is 7man if your interested or have any questions