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#1 13 years ago

My name is Zeal and i am one of the leaders from the Armaggeddon warroirs (AWC) clan we start in 2003 and have 3 official games Guild Wars C,S & BF2 we have 30 members from all over the globe ans there is always people on 24/7.. We are looking to meet up with new clans for friendly competition or to fight along side in BF2 and we have a Ventrilo Server and would welcome you over to use our Ventrilo or to meet up on your voice software,Clans need clans or there would be no point joining them we do not steal recruits and are not interested in getting any bigger. We are not looking for people to boss around or tell people what to do we just ask for respect for all members and guest, we just like to play and not have to deal with smack talk some of us are good some of us are crap but we just like to play. We are starting up and training on the BF2 server under the name of www.steeldragons.com IP: its slow going put not all the SD (SteelDragons)have 30 members but only 6 have tyhe game at the moment and the AWC have 13 players at the moment on BF2 but keep your eye on that server as I belive when the mods come out the is no future in the Ranked Server and its a nightmare try and waiting for the room in a ranked server for all clan members. http://www.armageddonwarriors.com/


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www.TotalConflict.com logoani0vy.gifwww.TotalConflict.com


Thought some of you might be interested in joinging our MEU which has several companies and a Marine squadron as well as a spec ops unit. You're more than welcomed to join any division and form your own comapny.

I'm Gen.DevilDog USMC Division, Div Cmd Staff. and we fight chinesse PLA Div.


You're more than welcomed to register with the forum and pick a side, then request a company to join.

TeamSpeak Address: On Forum password: On Forum

animated.gifMarine Expeditionary Units: 1stBN, 2nd Marines 2ndBN, 2nd Marines 8th Tank BN (also artillery support) 3rd Recon BN (invite only, tryouts available) VMFA-242 (mostly fixed wing pilots for the Joint Strike Fighters/F-18s)

People's Liberation Army Units: 1st Chinese Marine Corps - Infantry Company 1st Flying Tigers- try-out Air Force Squadron 88th Dragon Guard- Tankers of PLA. 118th Laoshan Hero Regiment- Special Forces Tryout only 203rd Jumping Leopards Regiment- Paratrooper company

There are open Command/Officer positions availabe.

We also play alot of other games together and have separte channels just for other games too.


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