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9th July 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Want to find a great clan that is fun, laid back, and makes you feel like part of the family?

Do you want to be accepted for your abilities and not have to prove your worth as a member?

Want to play on a high speed server, with little or no lag which you can play on anytime you want? With your monthly contribution you will not be forced to play with team killers or abusive players, you will be given admin access to our full servers so you can kick the smacktards and place the maps that you want to play on!

Would you like to find a clan that welcomes both casual players looking for fun, and serious players looking for structure, teamwork, and team oriented goals, but still realizes that it's a game so it should be fun?

Are you looking for a clan that values their members' opinions and gives them a vote in the majority of clan decisions?

Are you looking for a clan with mature leadership that strives for a family friendly atmosphere?

You can find all that and more at CFH Gaming!

Why not stop by our site and forums to ask some questions before you decide? If you are an adult, or have a parental sponsor, and you like our organization please fill out an application.

Website: www.cfhgaming.net Team Speak: Email: [email]CFH.Chameleon@gmail.com[/email] CFH Clan Leader Email: [email]cfhozz@gmail.com[/email] CFH Founder BF2 Server 1: BF2 Server 2: BF2 Server 3: (Map Mod Server)

BF1942/DC: Ladders: NATO BF2 Coalition Founder: www.bf2coaliton.com