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#1 13 years ago

Hey its Evilpete718. I joined a clan with a lot of my old friends and i would not leave there clan but there not competitive in bf2.

I already talked with them and they do not mind me making a new clan and still be in theres.

Yes i am only 13 years old, But im looking for a group of mid- to good players that could enter TWL and tournaments. We are not starting as a clan as opposed to being just a tournament group.

There are not much requirements other then you live in the U.S.A (or will get a good ping on U.S.A server) and your not too horrible lol and you dont mind playing with a 13 year old.

Every trusted member will get admin after i talk with you for a bit.

If you would like more info or would like to join please email [email]evilpete718@yahoo.com[/email].

As of right now ill just be sending messages to the people who i receive emails from...and if this goes as planed i will bring up a website.

If this goes really well who knows we may become a clan and geet a server?

So please either add me on xfire (evilpete718) or email me (email is the quickest way too get to me) at [email]evilpete718@yahoo.com[/email]

thank you


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#2 13 years ago

The -[DTF]- clan is now recruiting and we want YOU join us! We are a mature clan. We are looking for good gamers who love to play battlefield 2 or other games. The ages to submit to this clan are unlimited. Preferably...14-21. If you think this is your type of clan please visit us at =DTF=clan | more determined then ever......

See you on the battlefield! -[DTF]-v1p3r


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#3 13 years ago

Ok heres the deal FEVERCLAN.com accepts at 15 with acceptions. You have to show you want in, show up on teamspeak first and talk to a leader at show your mature play with us for a while. If you do try and apply put me as your reference :) FEVER Ryan_Crowley ... official site Welcome to FeverClan.com Have you been searching for a mature BF2 or COD4 clan to join? Are you an older gamer tired of playing with disorganized pickup squads? At Clan Fever, you will find a mature group of gamers from all over the world and of all ages above 15. We also understand that you probably have a day job and family life, so we maintain a no pressure atmosphere. Our members can play as much or as little as they like. We have both hardcore and casual gamers. Our only requirements for application to our clan is that you be at least 15 years old, mature, and have a microphone with Teamspeak installed. However there ARE exceptions Enjoy camaraderie in the hottest warfare games on the Internet. If you're new to BF2 or COD4, we will help you learn the necessary tools to be a good player without being called a noob or harassed by immature players. We are only 9 months in existence, with 170 members and counting. Join now and through teamwork and effort, you can advance through our ranks. And with our older group of gamers we are able to effectively communicate strategies in game and in our forums as a fellow at clan Fever. Stop by and fill out an application today. We currently have 2 BF2 servers and 2 COD4 servers. All their infomation can be located here. b_560x95.png b_560x95.png b_560x95.png b_560x95.png Our clan rules are as following: 1. Respect All Members. 2. Respect Higher ranks in the Clan, They are Higher then you for a reason. 3. No Complaining in public, If you have a problem talk to an admin. 4. No Respect = A BAN 5. All members must wear Fever on any Server while in the clan. 6. All members MUST stay active on the forums or they will be deleted from the clan. In the server for all persons playing in the Fever server(s), the rules are as follows 1. No whinning or complaining about anyone or anything. 2. No calling people cheaters in the server talk to an admin about that. 3. No glitching or Cheating. 4. Kill everyone! 5. No C4 Jumping! Play the game the way it was made to be played and have Respect for fellow clan members and visitors to our server(s). Teamspeak: ***BRING YOUR MICROPHONE*** CLAN FEVER - SAY HI WITH A BULLET TO THE FACE! :cool::cool::beer: XFIRE : honchoryanc Yahoo: [email]HonchoRyanc@yahoo.com[/email]