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#1 13 years ago

Hi my name is Zeal Im 30 years old i help run a 40 member clan we are a relaxed clan from all over the world of all ages we respect for other players game we dont care if your 15mins to all day or once a week its all cool. We are looking for people to join our online community you dont have to join clan just say hi and talk with other gamers that can offer you help with your pc problems or gaming needs. But if you want to hang out with people and be part of a team or play games in a safe inviroment where smack talkers and high pitched simpsons kid voices going Ha Ha are not aloud come see us at. http://www.armageddonwarriors.com/ or drop in to our Ventrilo 2.3 ip: port: 3224 just say your seen AWC::Zeal invite for BF2 we also play GUILD WARS and Counter Strike.