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ServerGraphic.jpg in currently recruiting mature BF2 player History: In 2003 was found by Patton, Proy, and WIREHEAD as a Medal of Honor clan. As time went on we added different divisions like Call of Duty United Offensive and Battlefield 1942. Then when Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty 2 came out we dropped MOH:AA, COD , and 1942. We had trouble with COD2 and dropped that. Now we are a BF2 clan that likes to occasionally play 2142. We are led by Zero , Zaxman, BlackIce, and Danman. -We are a gaming community that wants active/skilled players ages 16 and over -We have a website and forms www.Kill-On-Sight.com -Soon we will be participating in TWL -We have 4 Servers: 24/7 KarKand Infantry Only: 24/7 Jalalabad Infantry: 24/7 Air Map: 24/7 RANKED 2142:: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to join Go to www.Kill-on-Sight.com and fill out an application and register for the forums. Shortly a recruiter will contact you and set you up with Teamspeak and forums. Before you’re a full member you will go through a 2 week trial to see how you like the clan and to see how active you are. After you are a full member you are to uphold certain expectations. Contacts: -Leadguitar: xFIRE: Leadguitar101bf2 -shaka_Dadeo: xFIRE: shakadadeo -BIG-D: AIM: kosbigdaddy xFIRE: bigdaddy221 -<KoS>Generalnic: xFIRE:glitcher12 [url=http://www.game-monitor.com/GameServer/][/url