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[COLOR=navy][/COLOR] usa.gif [COLOR=blue]-=NC=- YouTube Channel[/COLOR] canada.gif [COLOR=blue]-=NC=- BBQ[/COLOR] BF2 1.41: Ranked bf2-01.png [COLOR=blue]-=NC=- Bar & Grille[/COLOR] BF2 1.41: Desert Conflict 0.16b bf2-02.png [COLOR=dimgray]Teamspeak: : 8758[/COLOR] Comms with a bunch of guys drinking beer and whiskey is no place for kids - only 18 years and older in comms thank you. Tuesday & Friday night are our most popular gaming nights among -=NC=- members and friends. [COLOR=blue]Server Rules & Guidelines: [/COLOR] It's a server for mature players and is well admined. It's a team-oriented game, so squad up. Listen and follow instructions of admins. Be a good sport and have fun! [COLOR=blue]About Our Servers:[/COLOR] We are a Battlefield clan. We occasionally play COD4 and Counter Strike Source for additional flavors of carnage. grin.gif We use the Bar & Grill to play other BF2 mods such as [COLOR=orange]Desert Conflict[/COLOR] and Nations At War. We do play some [COLOR=green]Battlegroup42[/COLOR] and Desert Combat Final for BF1942 for old times sakes. [COLOR=blue]About the Napalm Cowboys:[/COLOR] The Napalm Cowboys were originally established in January 2002 - we have been steadily growing ever since. Our team philosophy is based on having fun games and not worrying about winning or losing. Our recruitment process is simple: choose quality people and not judge them soley on gameply. Anyone can learn how to play well but quality team members with a positive attitude are unique and a rare find. We look for team members that want to have a fun gaming environment without all the stiff rules that some teams put in place. We like to surround ourselves with friends and not just "gamers". We are about respect and friendship, and are more concerned with having fun than on whether we win or lose. So if you're looking for a smacktard-free, casual, team-oriented gaming experience where sportsmanship and camaraderie matter more than points and rank, then stop by and join the carnage! [COLOR=red]Our Recruiting Process:[/COLOR] 1) We're a fun-first clan. While we've done some competitive play, we're much more interested in a regular gaming group who are great players and greater people. 2) Who you are matters more than your skills. NO TRYOUTS!!! Just game with us and we'll get to know each other. 3) Maturity is important. We tend to recruit adult members - many of us have families and all that. While we do recruit mature younger members, we are more careful and a younger recruit will find the process takes a bit longer. 4) Come by the forums and introduce yourself, you're sure to find a great group of gamers! 5) If you find -=NC=- a good match, all we ask is that your participate and contribute in some way to the clan. Participation is obvious and contributions can take the form of server donations and/or time donations to help keep the group running along smoothly.