New BF2 Clan "Zulu Company" looking for members -1 reply

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#1 14 years ago

Hi. Where looking for dedicated BF2 players to join our squad, we will be aiming to mimic real army techniques using a variety of different tactical formations and manouvres. Requirments are: - Online often (the more the better) - Ready to play in a squad role and be prepared for a LOT of training to perfect squad based tactics - Fluent in english and have access to a headset for VOip (teamspeak) - Preferably UK for time zones but anyone in GMT is welcome -Be a nice person whos up for a laugh and to mantain a buddy like relationship with the rest of the clan. Where going to join a league in clanbase once the clan is organised and have a great time recreating real warfare. Email me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] or msg me on msn. Cheers, Twisted Monk - The Zulu Comp.