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#1 11 years ago

Hey guys,

AirHawks is a clan that used to be on BF1942 a year or so back, our tag is [AH] . Me and another member are starting the clan back up, but on BF2.

We plan on buying a server as soon as we get between 5 and 10 members. It will have 6 man squads, just like in the game. And, ranks will depend on job. We kinda want to keep it structured, having leaders and squad leaders. Then ranks within the squads and ect...

One thing to add is that we plan on having clan battles and maybe practice fights between squads, gives members something to do.

But, to get this organized we need a number of members to start to get squad leaders and such. So, members within the next week or so will start higher in the clan.

If you'd be interested in joining or just want more info, please add me on XFire (patton11) or reply here.

Thanks, [AH] Patton


I didn't make it!

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#2 11 years ago

Hello i would be intrested in joining the clan.

My bf2 Username is (NAW)Blinger12 and my email is below