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#1 12 years ago

Hey there we are the Tactical Commandos and are a new clan.

our leaders are highly dedicated and really wanna make the best out of a new clan!

what we need is:

Dedicated leaders - 2-3 people who love battlefeild 2 and have the know how to lead with us. website staff - To get us a funky website up and running.

Our main game is BF2 but we are also interested in branching out into new games as we progress maybe have a counterstrike division or call of duty or even a fear division so please join if you want to lead and spread your ideas you would be one of our officers.

so to go over wat i said, when we have the people we will open diffrent game devisions but we first off need the leaders to head up those devisions.

so we are needing more commanding officers with know how about running clans to help us get everything mapped out and running.

what we have:

TS Server Website & Forums

so if theres any budding leaders out there hit me up and we will discuss what we can get going! xfires:

command braveheart6 - Is our first IC 6firefox9 - clan 2IC whitefox1177 - Im 3rd IC

senior officers & officers We have a few officers that decided to follow us in making a new clan but we need more help!:

dukefan569 cornoncob1

we also have a number of enlisted members about 6

contact anyone to get linked up to us to start getting things done.

hope to see you soon, thanks