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#1 12 years ago

New Pure Clan is recruiting. What is Pure I hear you ask? We chose Pure because we are pure gamers. We play many games, not just one. So we decided that to be our clan name. We have a very decent website, a server is on the way, and we are new! We play/accept: Battlefield Series Medal of Honor Series HalfLife Series Day of Defeat Series Counterstrike Series Almost every MMO. Almost every FPS. There are no tests or trial periods, if you want in, you can email me directly (assassin@thepureclan.com) or do it through the website, http://www.thepureclan.com

We currently dont have a dedicated server, but we use Hamachi for our LAN games. We are an Australian based clan.

Eventually we would like to participate in ladders, but we need members first ;) Hope to see you there!