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22nd December 2006

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recruitingbom.png Hello BF2 Community. We are Recruiting all Skills on the Battlefield. What we are looking for. 1: 15 Years or Older 2: Members are Respectful To one another 3: You have Teamspeak and Mic 4: You sign up on our website 5: Fill out a application on our site for Recruitment What We offer 1: 20 Man BF2 Server Karkand Every other MAP 2: Teamspeak 2 20 Man Server/ Looking to upgrade to a 50 3: A website and Forums. A little About our clan We are a clan who like to have fun and play the game for what it is. We do not like disrespectful members who mouth off to each other, And starts problems. We like Dedicated Players who are active and like to have fun. We do not compete in CAL or TWL for the simple fact we are a fun squad and do not compete in big events such as the ones above. We will do Scims with other clans but just for fun. Clan history We are a clan who broke of another clan named GAK-Global Alliance Clan. We broke off this clan because some of the problems and people within the clan i mean don't get me wrong there are some great people in GAK I myself illerkiller thought that some things weren't the way they use to be and decided to make my own clan *BOM*. We started with 2-3 people then we grew greatly in size and skill and now we have a great gaming community. We started off as only a BF2 Clan but now we are a multigaming community. Website info Please Register on the site and go to the forums and tell us a bit about yourself. Then go to the left hand navigation and click on join us and fill out a application. Regards, General Of the Army illerkiller