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#1 13 years ago

Are you a mature gamer? Are you 21 or over? Are you looking for a mature clan? Well then, c'mon down to >>> RIP !! <<< We run Fight-Club's, Pistol Duels, Buggy & Cart races, Tank Warz, Internal & External scrims, TWL, SOG, we accept challenges from other clans, and we challenge other clans, and we also run Ventrilo for in-game comms. Current server list -- 24 running games: [RIP] Infantry Only City maps [BF2 / US Server] [RIP] City Maps Infantry Only [BF2 / UK Server] [RIP] Rusty-In-Places 24 Dust2[NO DWP] [CSS / UK Server] [RIP] Stock CTF [COD2 / UK Server] [RIP] Special Forces [BF2SF / US Server] [RIP] rustyinplaces.org [UK Server] [RIP] - TWL 5v5 League Match [BF2 / US Server] [RIP] rustyinplaces.org PR v0.61 [BF2 / UK Server] [RIP] Practice 2 [BF2 / UK Server] [RIP] POE2 v1.8 Stats enabled [BF2 / UK Server] [RIP] Practice 1 [BF2142 / UK Server] [RIP] US Prac 2 [BF2 / US Server] [RIP] Practice 1 [BF2 / UK Server] [RIP] US Conquest Server [BF2142 / US Server] [RIP] UK Titan Server [BF2142 / UK Server] [RIP] UK Conquest Server [BF2142 / UK Server] [RIP] US Prac 1 [BF2142 / US Server] [RIP] All maps Vanilla [BF2 / US Server] [RIP] Vanilla All maps [BF2 / UK Server] [RIP] Rusty-in-Places UK [TF2 / UK Server] [RIP] Rusty-in-Places US [TF2 / US Server] [RIP] rustyinplaces [ET:QW / US Server] [RIP] Rusty-In-Places stock [CSS / UK Server] [RIP] Rusty-In-Places Match / private [CSS / UK Server] Fill out an application here: Rusty In Places