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#1 12 years ago

Hello fellow BF2 gamers! The Sin City Mafia, )ScM(, is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a new clan just starting out. Currently our members are 18+. For those of you under 18, a juniors squad is available. We are a close knit group that likes to game with each other, own the public and enjoy the camaraderie of our clan. We are looking into joining Cyberatheletes League (CAL) and Team Warfare League (TWL). Before we can do that, we are searching out those that will be willing to put forth the effort for practices and league matches: as well as scrims with other clans. We want only those that are serious, utilize both communications and tactics. We work as a team, therefore you must be willing to do that also. A commitment is mandatory for this!As soon as 2142 is released, (hopefully its better than the demo) we will be looking into getting a server and possibly entering into ladders for it also. We run a 32-player ranked (currently set to 16-player for games) server located at ip and if the group builds and recruits enough members, we could always upgrade to bigger and better. Our teamspeak server is located at ip There is no password.If this clan sounds like what you are looking for, drop on in the TS and talk with us. The web site, www.sincitymafia.com. Drop by there and leave us a note if that is better for you. Most of the time, you can find the leader, )ScM( Ferzad online daily, or the rest of the clan on throughout the week, but mostly on during the weekends. We hope to see a whole s h i t load of you visit our website and register and feel free to stop in the server and play a few rounds, get to know us. If you have any questions, contact )ScM( Ferzad at [email]godfather@sincitymafia.com[/email] or )ScM( Cleric at [email]theonlycleric@sincitymafia.com[/email].