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8th May 2003

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#1 13 years ago

Our website is http://clansf.us We currently offer America's Army, Call of Duty: UO and of corse BF2.

We are primarly a US clan, but anyone overseas is welcome so as long as they can speak english and deal with time changes. We currently only have 10 active BF2 members, and we are looking to grow so we can compete in CAL or TWL. We currently hold weekly practices, upon acquring more members it may become bi-weekly practices.

Here is what we require:

*Must be/willing to be a team player *MSN and Teamspeak with mic *Mature, we have a zero tolerance policy twords swearing, no calling other people cheaters, etc. *Be avaible at least a few times a week to play, check email, talk on MSN, etc.

Upon joing the clan we will set you up with a email just for =SF= to keep things seperated. However you can forward all mail recieved in your =SF= account if you already have one to many emails.

We are accepting lots of positions right now, So if you want to sign up click here to fill out an application Once you fill that out, I will contact you via email or AIM/MSN/Xfire within 24 hours after you fill the form out and get you all set up!