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3rd August 2007

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#1 10 years ago

Yet another year has passed and a new and exciting year awaits us all. As we look back at the hard battles fought, we can't help but wonder about the glory that awaits us on the next battlefield. We have a lot to offer those who are worthy of Spartan status. We are a mature group of online First Person Shooters who communicate effectively and function as a cohesive team. Hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, there was a group men who trained their whole lives to be professional warriors. When their leaders called, they grabbed their well-known weapons of war, and marched toward certain death. They faced unbelievable fear as they waited and then fought a numerically superior force. 300 Spartans stood their ground, laid waste to the opposition, and the fight of so few resulted in the deaths of 20,000 foreign fighters. Let us not forget their heroism and sacrifice. They fought to save their families, their way of life, and, turns out, the future of Western Civilization. [COLOR=red]The Spartan War Fighters organization wishes you a Happy New Year and we’ll see you on the Battlefield.[/COLOR]