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19th November 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Well we are just starting our clan and we need members to fill in our ranks

Since we are just starting it up we would like to have clan members who are willing to put input into the clan.

Our clan believes in: Debating.. You should be able to debate with me and the other leader (Neo) on how things run in the clan. Of course only if you have valid reason and a strong arguement. Teamwork. Play as a team have fun get to know the other clan members. Play because you enjoy it. Skill.. Given you gotta have some skill but this is very very flexible.

The members we obtain now will obviously determine how this clan plays. And unlike alot of other clans we dont have all our ideas "Set" which means we are always up for change.

Of course we plan to go competitive. We plan to get teamspeak and such.

Any questions just log on to our forums

Or, just add me or Neo on Xfire Vladenstein OR Irontinge