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#1 13 years ago

Hi all. Baron here from =SA= clan looking for:

1. new and old BF2 gamers. new peeps who are accepted must have =SA= tags in front of name. names can not be offensive. must have xfire account to establish communication with others in the clan.

2. easy to get along with. we are not into power trips in this clan. we have an admin set up to not control peeps but moderate or step in when decisions have to be made.

3. creative contrubutions. looking for gamers who would like to improve the clan in all ways from web site to field strategies.

4. willing to be reasonably active online and in clan forums this will not be strickly enforced but would like to see effort made here.

check us out!

please contact me at : [email][/email] or xfire me: inxcess