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23rd October 1999

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#1 19 years ago

Ok, I teleported to XEN after pulling a ghostbuster attack on the flying octapus looking things, I destroyed all the blue power cells that shoot lighting at you and killed all the greenworm things that bark like dogs on the main center hive that is surrounded by moving stone ledges that you have to jump toward. What do I do next? I can't believe how many times it made me use the superjump and now I'm stuck trying to find what to do next. Is it something with the 3 chimney looking things. Or the blue pool of healing I found.


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#2 19 years ago

Hi everyone I'm back. Completed HL and am currently tucking into Loki's mission's : the Xeno project. Anyway, you need to find the part on the center hive were you crouch, break the web and go inside. Then press the use key on the three crystals, and break the web were the butterflies are. They will open up a portal.