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#1 13 years ago

Hello there,

TRT is a recently made clan but very experienced! The clan broke off from another clan called TAW which at the time had 850 members. We came from the 13 games TAW played and some of us have played together for over 3 years now! Battlefield2 are going to be our first NEW clan, so we’re all really excited about this.

So what is TRT all about you ask? Well, TRT is a strong mature clan with a great friendship. We will do lots of matches and tourneys so there are plenty of chances to impress people and win prizes! At the moment TRT have 4 different Divisions (games) you can join, which is why we had to utilize a chain of command to take care of each game and make the best experience for everyone. We have a policy saying NO cheats, NO glitching etc.

What games are you playing in TRT? Since we are only 2 weeks old we only have 4 divisions to join... >Ghost Recon PC >Ghost Recon Xbox >SWAT4 >Battlefield2 Hopefully we will get more games going as new players will join us

Will you have your own servers? And how many? Yes we will have our own servers to play on. It is difficult to say how many servers we get. It really depends on how many battlefield players will join us. Currently we have 3 servers in our SWAT division and we will properly get the same for BF2.

How many are you? The majority of the clan at the moment s 70+ strong players in Swat 4 and Ghost Recon, but with the upcoming release of BattleField 2, we are hopefully going to get 100+. We are looking for Maturity more than age, we do have a 16yo lower age policy, but if you’re younger and mature, there is no reason you can't apply

How do you get in contact with each other? Mainly we use TeamSpeak... We have a public TeamSpeak server where we perform all our boot camps etc… We also have a private TeamSpeak server, this is for members only.

How to join? Our web team is working at a 120% rate to get our website up and running, so until we get it up we will have to recruit via our Forums. If you post an application you will get contacted within 24 hours maximum, we are using the forums all the time since we’re a little busy setting up the clan. When you’re accepted as a recruit you will have to do a short boot camp. But don’t worry, basically the boot camp is a meeting with the recruits, where we give them the necessary information about the clan, and how we work. You’ll get informed with the rest of the recruiting period there.

Info to put into the application: http://www.swgid.com/app.txt FORUM URL (post application in TRT public forums): http://forum.swgid.com

My conclusion to this post is, that in some peoples eyes we may be a big and very un-personal clan, but as a member of the old clan with 800+ members we left from, I know that’s not what’s going to happen. When I log into our TeamSpeak channel I know every single one of them, and as new people join the clan we have plenty of chances to get to know each other.

If you need more information about the clan, or have any questions you can contact our division officer (BF2 leader) E-mail: jamesreilly2 [at] hotmail [dot] com MSN: jamesreilly2 [at] hotmail [dot] com X-Fire: dettner1

Our website is not up yet, but feel free to try this link every once in a while: www.tacticalresponseteam.net or www.trtsite.net