Team *PTX* (Platoon X) recruiting BF2 league competitors -1 reply

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#1 14 years ago

Platoon X is a community based Battlefield 2 clan made up of veteran gamers located throughout the United States and Canada. Our group is primarily over the age of twenty with an average of eight years gaming and P.C. experience each. Consisting of everything from retired CAL-I champions to mod and application developers, our team is skilled, seasoned and most of all fun to game with and be around. We invite you to check out our communications and our Battlefield 2 server to get to know us a little better. Most of the time we can be found on mIRC, and on our Ventrilo server. If you’d like to join us on either, head to our communications page for connection information.

Platoon X caters to the competitive player only (at this point in time) who is consistently online, shows the ability to play and communicate well in a group. We try to stick with an age limit of 18 and over, but will make exceptions on occasion when the person demonstrates maturity. Expect to see league play time if you join us. Sounds pretty easy to join, huh? You'd be surprised.


Website: Public Server: Ventrilo Server: IRC Server: Channel: #ptx

I think if you hang out with us for a bit, you'll really like this clan.