Team rip| is looking for 1 ace pilot and a few elite infantry!! -1 reply

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27th November 2002

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#1 14 years ago


Heres the deal, we have been short the last couple of matches and even though we won, that isn't the way to maximize your chances of winning by playing

So we are looking for 1 ace plane pilot and about 3 elite infantry. We are veteran squad and have been around 3+ years of experience since the beginning of the Battlefield 1942.

Requirements: 1) We are looking for elite team players that can dedicate 5 days a week of playing wiuth a minimum requirement of being on mon, wed,friday at 8pm eastern for matches and practices. 2)must be on teamspeak 3)teamplayers only 4)must be 18+ years old

Fill out an application here if interested:

Once you submit the application you will receive the teamspeak info and will be contacted for a tryout date!!!

See you on the battlefield!!