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Special Forces De Oppresso Libre A member of the Special Forces is a step beyond the average soldier. He is experienced, talented, dedicated, and most importantly, he isn't alone. When a person is Special Forces, they are a part of a well-trained elite fighting unit that recognizes that true power lies with Team Tactics, Communication, and Cooperation. These ideas have been translated to warfare simulations by Team Special Forces. We are an elite unit, we emphasize teamwork, and our members truly are a step beyond the average player. Here are some of the benefits offered by our team: * Dedicated website and forums, professionaly done. * Private TeamSpeak servers * Close-knit community * A guarantee that the team will not fall apart as so many other groups do, we have been gaming together since 1997 * An already established clan in TWL * International members playing at most hours of the day * A lag free 32 Slot Ranked Server * 3 private servers for Practices, Scrims and Matches. Our non-ranked game servers can be any size because they run on our own Dedicated Server. * We have Drill Instructors to help those that want to improve their game. finished.jpg We have one friendly community with two types of players. Player ‘A’, who is a recreational player who plays as often as they can, but is here mostly to have fun and play in not so serious TWL matches and hang out on the public severs with friends. Player “B”, these are the guys who take TWL matches very seriously and are here to be number one on the TWL ladder. They practice frequently and have high standards for being accepted into their squad. Bottom line, if you have a good fun attitude and older then 18, you will be welcomed with open arms into Team-SF. We also have division in three other games. a2-tan.gifa2-wulf.gifa2-aa.gif If you are interested in our team, please visit us at Or stop by one of our servers at: port= 16568 (Yes, this is our server IP) Puplic Ranked, 32 players, no password. port= 16567 Public Non-Ranked, currently set to 32 players, all maps available, voting allowed, no password. PB Screenshots here: port= 16567 Password currently: Must Be a TSF Member Private, 32 slots currently, all maps, voting, etc. PB Screenshots here: port= 16567 Password currently: Must Be a TSF Member 4 slots only, this is a server for reviewing recruits and additional training from the DI’s. PB Screenshots here: To apply you'll have to register with the forums and then you will have access to the application. All applicants are considered. If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email=""][/email]. hearse.jpg [SF]HearseDriver[co] -- Team Special Forces 1st Battlefield 2 Division Commander