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#1 10 years ago

Hey all, =TFA=Trained for action are a BF2 and COD1 gaming clan, founded by =TFA=Super_Medic_Time on the 24th December 2007. We currently have a shared server and TS. Ts IP = We are a very skilled clan in both BF2 and COD1. Teamwork is the way to go for our clan and we believe that 1 man fighting isnt as easy as with a clan. We are very friendly and are looking for members for both games. Contact =TFA=Super_Medic_Time on xfire - supermedictime123 or email - [EMAIL="lukegammer@uk2.net"]lukegammer@uk2.net[/EMAIL] Our site is =TFA= Recruiting! The forums are on the "forums" page. We hope to see you in our clan! Thanks, =TFA=Super_Medic_Time :beer: