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Just popping in to say Hello and inform you peeps of our BF2 24/7 I/O - 2142 servers and our new Ghost recon -GRAW server. The 22ndSAS Regiment (UK enlists ONLY) Feel free to join the fun in one of our 'Great Servers' BF2 - 24/7 Infantry Only. No Bunnyhoppers (sorry) 2142 - Ghost recon - Classic GR and GRAW Clan Website:The 22ndSAS Regiment Overview We are primarily a Battlefield 2 clan but honor the Ghost Recon series because it was our founding game. The 22ndSAS Regiment has been going for near on 6 years, moving with the times we compete on Battlefield 2 / 2142 and find time to run some great mods.Our main interest is playing fair and having fun obviously obeying server rules wether it be on one of our own server or one we visit.Need a friendly ? pop in and post a challenge.! Not already in a clan? Simply enlist on our clan site it's FREE MEMBERSHIP click join us now or pop in and say hello ! Events Ladder Clan Matches (TWL) (DBL) Friendly Clan Matches Live Ops missions Battle Racer Nights Mod Nights Plus General Server Play All info can be found on our clan site,Read our server rules there fair enough! GL & HF Regards 22SAS_Reticent