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The Center for Death and Chaos, , is looking for new members. We are a structured, teamwork oriented group who focus on communication to emerge victorious on the battlefield. We use Ventrilo, Xfire, MSN, and our forums to communicate. We use an internal rank structure and award system. Members are divided into several Task Forces based on availability and play style. The competition side of the clan, Task Force Chaos, is restricted only to those members who communicate, show up when they say they will be somewhere, get along with others, play all the time, post, etc. Getting into Chaos is pretty easy, if you do all those things. The CDC is a flexible clan, we play to win but we also play to have fun. We currently compete in TWL and NATO, and will be doing CAL soon too. We have practices/scrims every week, and there are always people pubbing on Vent. Our requirements are that members must be 18 or older, have a good attitude, read and understand the clan doctrine, use Ventrilo, and wear the {CDC} tag while playing. We currently have a ranked server and an unranked server for practices, matches, new maps and mods. We also have an online store which carries a full line of CDC merchandise. If you are interested in joining feel free to check us out at