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#1 13 years ago

The Fifth Column is now actively recruiting members who are interested in building a strong Battlefield 2 clan. Formerly a Forgotten Hope clan with over 80 members, the Fifth Column is currently focusing the majority of our game time on BF2. While we will from time to time play other games like BF:V or FH, 90+% of our time is spent on BF2. We are in the process of expanding our clan, and we are looking for members who are dedicated and team-oriented. We utilize a quasi-military structure, and we have members who are former members of the military. Organization, teamwork, and fun are the main focuses of the Fifth Column. We welcome anyone who meets the following requirements: - Be at least 16 years of age. - Own or plan to purchase Battlefield 2 within a reasonable time after joining. - Have a working microphone (headset preferred) - Have the latest version of the Ventrilo voice communication software (available at hhtp:// - Have a desire to be an integral part of a well-organized clan Leadership positions are still available, so if all this sounds like you, then come check us out at Any questions, comments, or inquiries can be directed to [email][/email].