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Official Mod : Project Reality www.RealityMod.com

Tournament for Mature Team Orientated Players, Battle every sunday @ 3pm EST, on 1 map for 2 hours. Winning side gets to pick which map is next based on Graphic representing territory/map. Come join an Army and help your side dominate the World.


On January 1st, 2000, twenty Soviet armored divisions based in East Germany poured across the border into West Germany racing through the Fulda Gap. Simultaneously, throughout the globe, armed forces of communist countries attacked their unsuspecting neighbors. World War III has started.

Time Rift Tournament is set in an alternate reality that thankfully did not come true. Utilizing "Battlefield 2" game from EA Games and Digital Illusions as well as our own realism-based mod, we will fight the battles that never came to pass and contemplate what might have been.

What if the Cold War never ended? What if communism did not collapse? What if it spread and took hold throughout the world? What if the West got it wrong?

Our Scenario explains how this could have happened and you the player will write the ultimate outcome of the War.

Who will win WWIII? It's your call.