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23rd January 2005

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Thought someone of you might be interested in joinging our MEU which has several companies and a Marine squadron as well as a spec ops unit.

I'm Gen.DevilDog USMC Division, Div Cmd Staff. and we fight chinesse PLA Div.


You're more than welcomed to register with the forum and pick a side, then request a company to join.

TeamSpeak Address: On Forum password: On Forum

animated.gifMarine Expeditionary Units: 1stBN, 2nd Marines 2ndBN, 2nd Marines 8th Tank BN (also artillery support) 3rd Recon BN (invite only, tryouts available) VMFA-242 (mostly fixed wing pilots for the Joint Strike Fighters/F-18s)

People's Liberation Army Units: 1st Chinese Marine Corps - Infantry Company 1st Flying Tigers- try-out Air Force Squadron 88th Dragon Guard- Tankers of PLA. 118th Laoshan Hero Regiment- Special Forces Tryout only 203rd Jumping Leopards Regiment- Paratrooper company

There are open Command/Officer positions availabe.

We also play alot of other games together and have separte channels just for other games too.


Semper Fi