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26th January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

www.toxic-army.com ToXic-Army is recruiting Battlefield 2: Special Forces players. Must meet the following requirements: #1 - Solid person with good attitude #2 - Plays to have fun #3 - Can't get enough of BF2:SF #4 - Want to join a great group of people like you who like to game Why join us? -Code of Conduct -Website -Forums -Eventual TWL match play -Ranked Server w/ VoIP -Clean Server (no foul language or excessive smack talk) -Anti-Cheat is a top priority -Server admins check screenshots regularly for cheater to ban -Match Play -No tolerance for poor sportsmanship or bad attitudes -Good people that want to game with their buddies for fun -Ranks -All skill levels are welcome to join This clan was started over 3 years ago with a couple of people who were looking for something different. We have not changed our direction since that first day. If you have what it takes then come check us at as you will not be dissapointed. We're targeting adults and mature young-adults. If you’re interested come by www.toxic-army.com and complete our quick application form. Server IP: Server Name: www.ToXic-Army.com Warlord/Ghost/Mass 24/7 Server Location: Texas {ToXic}{1Lt}Graphic

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28th December 2005

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#2 14 years ago

this sounds like a fun clan i dont need one though if only there were such FH clans