[TPA] Looking for US and UK players for TWL -1 reply

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#1 14 years ago

We at TPA are looking for both US and UK members join us. We have just started to play TWL and are looking to fill roster spots on both NA and EU ladders. Currently we are playing: NA 5vs5 infantry EU 5vs5 infantry NA POE2 5vs5 infantry

1. You dont have to be some leet player but you DO have to be able to follow orders and play TEAM STYLE game.

2. we are mostly gamers over the age of 21 but as long as you dont act like an asshat.....age doesn't matter

3. You must be able to show up for matches and practices

4. must have mic We currently have 3 bf2 servers, 2 US and 1 UK server.

The peoples army is all about having fun and NO DRAMA. If this sounds like something for you give us a shout.

website: http://tacticalcombat.jconserv.net/ (Sign up and make a post in "join the peoples army")

teamspeak: ip:ts53.gameservers.com:8776 password tcl (hop on and say hi)

my xfire: ballman872