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#1 12 years ago

Our ranked BF2 public server ip is

Come join in the fun and get your frag on. Server is a 24 slot infantry only server running all your favorite city maps for 2 rounds per map. FF is on along with mines. Don't forget to visit our forums at to leave us feedback or see about joining the clan. We are a gaming community hosted by clan -TS|- for both the serious and casual gamer alike. Stop in to see what all we have to offer! We have servers many different games for the community's enjoyment along with a great forum that is sure to have something in it you will enjoy. Everything from fantasy sport leagues to jokes to political debates.

Come see why we have top ranked RTCW, FEAR, COD/UO servers that our clan members and community members enjoy and put in the top of server rankings in north america! Come help us make our bf2 server among the top ranked servers in North America too!