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:cya: The United Federation Defense Force is now recruiting! We are looking for: 1. Someone who loves to play games. 2. Someone who can work in a team. 3. Someone who we can depend on. If you fit these criteria, then come on and join! :D Just go to www.ufdf.com/vbulletin , sign up for the forums and the post in the recruitment room forum. It's that simple. UFDF Osiris. :)

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3rd April 2006

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My name is PrezCartman, senior leader of the Knights of Karbala. We are an active BF2 clan. We were tired of playing in leagues such as TWL where our schedule was largely determined by the system and where there was no flexibility for match sizes or types. Therefore we went out and created our own league system, KGL. We are basically creating our own TWL like system. However things will be a lot more relaxed and this is more for teams to get together and have fun as opposed to a massive effort on being the best. All map, gameplay options, match sizes are open to choice between the clans. If you'd like to know more please contact me at this email, [email]prezcartman@hotmail.com[/email]. We just got the league module setup and I am going to be contacting a lot of other clans regarding this. I hope to hear back from you guys soon. Sincerely, K K PrezCartman, Senior Leader, Knights of Karbala, www.knightsofkarbala.com