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11th July 2006

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[INDENT]INTRO [/INDENT][INDENT]U.S. Special Operations Unit! The Most Extreme & Unique Playing Group Of Players! We Don’t Just Play Together, We Learn Together & Use Strategy As A Group! This clan / group is based on practicing and hard core playing on random servers together as a team in a squad. The point is to use and train with strategy and utilize it by playing other groups.[/INDENT][INDENT]ABOUT[/INDENT][INDENT]My name is Jim I am the creator and manager of the USSO or (United States Special Operations)! I just started this clan / group because I really love playing as a team / squad in BF2 & BF-2142...its so hard to find good, mature and fun players in game.....So I hope to find people that have the time and patience to help jump start this clan / group and who really like playing with strategy and technique in both BF2 & BF-2142! I hope we can teach each other how to play as a group and kick some BUTT![/INDENT][INDENT]I call this a clan / group because I want to keep it kind of small, at least for now....I do not plan to get a server unless we can afford it through donations...So until then I plan to jump from server to server training and having fun! I have started setting up the site and forums but still am working on it! [/INDENT][INDENT]MEMBERS & JOINING[/INDENT][INDENT]There is no age requirement or tryouts! We ask that you have a few hours to play a week and to act mature ALWAYS! Also to respect all players and your self, no foul language and ya be mature![/INDENT][INDENT]OTHER[/INDENT][INDENT]If You Have Questions Please E-mail: ([EMAIL="jim_west1@msn.com"]jim_west1@msn.com[/EMAIL])[/INDENT][INDENT]If You Would Like To Join Please E-mail: ([EMAIL="jim_west1@msn.com"]jim_west1@msn.com[/EMAIL])[/INDENT][INDENT]

Our Site (Might Still Be Under Construction): [COLOR=black]Click[/COLOR] Here

Please Do Not Expect A Reply Post For Questions You Must E-mail Me! But Feel Free To Leave Comments! Thank You!!!


:nodding: So Suit Up & Lets Get Our Game On.....JOIN TODAY!:bows: