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clanadvert.jpg Good day! I am the recruitment officer and co-leader for Urban TerroristZ, a European multigaming clan that has existed since October 2001. We play Battlefield 2 as well as Q3 Urban Terror. General info: We would like to add 1, maybe 2 people to our squad. We don't deny recruits based on location, we are a clan located all over Europe and one member in the United States. (Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Finland, Italy, Portugal and US) What we offer you: * It's free, all we ask is your time! * A well established clan; we've been around since 2001 * Unity; UTZ is a close knit group of friends or even family, not just players * Good team play and good fun! * Clan meets/LANs once or twice a year! * Professional and well kept website, forums, BF2 training server (not public) and Teamspeak 2 server What we expect from you: * Mature behaviour and an age over 18 * Must have a microphone and be willing to use TS2 (we also use VOiP) * For other communication, you must (start) to use mIRC (freeware chatprogram) and sign up to our forum * Be a teamplayer, join squads and play fair * Speak English to a reasonable level * Preferably at least 3 months of experience with BF2 and be active! (activity: by this we mean at least 5 hours of BF2 a week) * You will not be forced to make a new ID (if current is without clantag), however, we will require you to, at ALL time, use a prefix clantag Please contact me, or just post here, with any questions! Contact information: Your contact: me, UTZ|Valkyrja (co-leader and recruitment officer) Our website: URBAN TERRORISTZ Our forum: URBAN TERRORISTZ My E-mail: [EMAIL="valkyrja@terroristz.net"]valkyrja@terroristz.net[/EMAIL] My MSN: [EMAIL="vampyress@terroristz.net"]vampyress@terroristz.net[/EMAIL] mIRC: Server Enterthegame.com, channel #UTZ, my nick is UTZ|Valkyrja Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing from you!