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Hello everyone, I'm SN.Marky=US= and I'd like to tell you about the =US= Navy branch of the UnknownSoldiers clan. The =US= clan plays and has divisions for BF2, BF Vietnam, and CSS, and of course we play in leagues like CAL and TWL, as well as the new BF2 league and the world tourny. We also have practices and scrimms between branches, to enable our branches to benefit from each others experience. We've also been around almost 2 years, and there is no chance that we will disband any time in the near future. we also have no age requirement, with members from 13-37, though if youre UNDER 13, you just need parental consent to join =US=

The =US= Navy branch of the =US= clan is seeking people to fill its ranks. Now before you say i dont want to play in a boat, let me tell you, the navy is NOT repeat NOT boats! yes we USE boats, but only fro transportation to the beach when a chopper is not available. We are however the most diverse and versatile branch in the entire clan. While the other branches deal in 1, maybe 2 areas, we deal in ALL of them, from infantry to jets to choppers. We have a fighter squadron, we will soon have a brand new chopper squadron, we have infantry teams for ground-pounding, and soon we will have the elite SEAL teams. The Chopper and Jet squadrons for Atlantic fleet have been reformed due to lack of people in them. Also the Atlantic fleet is the only section of the clan SPECIFICALLY setup for european gamers. We also have the special boat service, also in the Atlantic fleet, which focuses on commando tactics. The Navy is a tight knit group of friends that always plays together as a team and plays hard but has fun at the same time. The Navy is also seeking mature gamers that can follow orders, and not be immature, but still realize that this IS just a game we play. As a comparison to the other branches, this is what the Navy does- Navy- Jets, Infantry Combat Teams, Choppers, SEALs(in development) Army- Infantry, Choppers Air Force- Jets Marines- Infantry, Special Forces(Force recon) As you can see, the navy does it all, basically, you name it, we train it. So if youre multi experienced, then the navy is the way to go for you. The fact that the =US= Navy is so diverse is a part of the reason i myself joined it, and i havent regretted it for a minute :) GO =US= NAVY! You wont regret it!

If you're interested, have specific questions or would like some help, or to learn more, you can contact me with xfire, my name is mrky84, or email me i also have multiple messengers so you can contact me easily :). or of course you can reply here :) Thanks for reading. SN.Marky=US= I hope to see you soon. :)


I didn't make it!

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