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To all players interested in joining a clan that has a military feel, and is over 100 members strong, you may have found a new home. We have four branches in the =US= [color=green]ARMY[/color]-specializing in infantry, armor, rotory aircraft, and Special Forces; [color=blue]NAVY[/color] - specializing in jets, SBS, Seals, and infantry; [color=red]MARINES[/color]-specializing in infantry, fixed/rotary aircraft, armor, and Force Recon; [color=gray]AIR FORCE[/color] - specializing in everything that flys.

We have two ranked servers, four unranked private servers, and unranked practice servers in which to scrim, practice, or just goof off with friends. With over 100 members strong there will always be someone to play with. Also, NO AGE LIMIT!! Just maturity. We have members in Israel, UK, United States, and we also have many active military members. =US= has been around for over a year and won't break up any time soon. Military based clan, so you can move up the ranks. We are also active in CAL, TWL, and other BF2 leagues for you guys with a competitive nature and are good enough to qualify.

Just visit http://www.unknownsoldiers.org click on barracks and register to forums. You can post an application in the Recruiting Forums for the branch of your choice. Just refer to this post in your application.

Best of Luck and See you on the Battlefield, SrA.Killer17=US= Air Force Recruiter