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#1 15 years ago

We at contractkillers are looking to have a US section, we are looking for peoplz to join us in the outlook so that when the UK side of things are asleep we have the US section to use, help and have matches etc etc, with their own CO and orginisation within the contractkillers clan and from time to time joint ventures for training maybe, not strangers, but a joint union, we have 5 members already from the US and Canada.

Our situation we have a 32 man Ranked Server BF2 Fully dedicated box 100meg connection up and down website http://www.contractkillers.org.uk 100 man teamspeak 3 call of duty servers Dedicated and match servers BF2

So if you are interested in the expansion of contract killers and want to give it a try Contact us at [email]contractkillers@hotmail.com[/email] or visit our website