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#1 9 years ago
We are the Wrecking Crew Clan looking for you! [COLOR=DarkRed]You love the challenge? [/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkRed]You have fun at the game and you're team?[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkRed] Then you are exactly correct with us.[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkRed]Looking for a bunch of funny where you feel comfortable? [/COLOR]

If you add at least 16 years old and you are on a headset would we welcome you to welcome. You ask yourself to determine why us? Well good question ... the wa you can not answer ... but ... and now comes the good part: We offer you a completely funny people where you not only play together, but very much enjoy it! We are looking for at least the only people able to speak some German. Furthermore, we offer you a special film project and the chance of building an alternative ranking system (The ranking of the FMR Battlefield basis) to take part. In addition, we organize in cooperation with the BF-based FOM and the community at regular intervals Fight Nights, and soon major events. We have a 32 slot FMR Ranked Server primarily with the modification is running AIX 2.0, and from a 24 slot server EA rank of course, with standard BF2 Vanilla runs. The participation with us is totally free and non-regular visitors of our site and forum with no obligations. Team spirit and regular attendance at training sessions and wars, we of course vorraus ^ ^ Just fill out a join U.S. form, or you simply apply directly to our recruits Madmax3008 supervisor or comes to our TeamSpeak! The password is available on request in our forum! So ... if you still not convinced then and know wa not more ... But of course everyone is welcome and we would be delighted if other clans times for visiting our site, because we are always on the lookout for people who want for our projects to make or to play against us.

Join Us! Fight Us!