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#1 14 years ago

Hallo dear Modders. I'm neither a modder nor a coder, just a simple fan of battlefield 2 (for now).

My questions are basically:

1. Is it possible to “edit” just the teams in a mod (POE2 for example). So, what I mean is simply, can you "remake"/mod so that instead of the GER VS. UKR teams change the teams to GER VS. MEC/CH/? (With weapons, flags, uniforms and sounds/language) 2. I know how to change vehicles between the modds, but what I don’t know is, why some vehicles work and others doesn’t? (For example, if you change the ordinary Aircrafts on the “us carrier” in “Dalian Plant” to the new aircrafts from POE2, the game just crushes, but you can change the ordinary US-tank to the Gephard tank without the problem of the game crashing.) Do I have to copy some other files from the BF2 to POE2 dir besides changing the GamePlayObjects.con? 3. Can you change the names of the teams? (for example “German” to “West Germany” or “German Marines”.) And can you change the kits for each solider? (For example if I want my German Sniper to have the Us/Ch/Eu/Mec-sniper rifle) OBS: I’m just using POE2 like an example; my goal is to make my own mod/mini-mod. And like I said before, I'm neither a modder nor a coder, yet, so pleas explain (if you want and have some time over) in detail how to achieve these, or one of these “small” modifications. I really want to get started as a modder but it takes time to get familiar with all the tools, programs and terms. All though I've started to experiment little with the "BF2 editor". The only thing I got right now is my broad fantasy and ideas, but still I don’t know how to get further. I will get grateful for ANY help I can get. Thanks (And as you also can see with my non-professional grammar, I’m not from the USA or any other English speaking country, so pleas excuse me fore some miner flaws in the text.)


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#1. Yeah #2. No Clue #3. Yeah But not for MP