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#1 13 years ago

Now imagine spawning from say a F35 as its flying around the battlefield. This would be good right? Well have a read of this tutorial. And ill show you how! I got thinking how i could do this.. so i looked at the BF2, extracted it to a Folder. Called Objects_server. And did the following. Go into the Vehicles\Air\usthe_uh60 folder and find the usthe_uh60.tweak file. Right click it, and goto properties. Now where it says "Read Only" untick it. this will allow you to save it.

Open it up with Notepad, (Click on "Associate this program with filetype", it will be easier to open them in the future) . And find this line.

ObjectTemplate.addTemplate usthe_uh60_AISpawnPoint

Copy it., Leave the File open as you will need to come back to it soon.

Now browse your way to..


Change the air_f35b.tweak file so "Read Only" is unticked. And open it.

Now with both Files open take a look at the UH60 file and see where the ObjectTemplate.addTemplate usthe_uh60_AISpawnPoint is below. It should look something like this..

ObjectTemplate.addTemplate usthe_uh60_BodyWing ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0/-1/0 ObjectTemplate.setRotation 0/0/-90 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate usthe_uh60_AISpawnPoint ObjectTemplate.addTemplate usthe_uh60_EntryPoint_mid ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0/-0.0130529/-0.975863 bare in mind the bold section is what we need.

Copy the bold item and paste it into the F35B file under the "entrypoint" line

Should look like this once pasted, and renamed

ObjectTemplate.addTemplate air_f35b_EntryPoint_mid ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0/-0.585387/2.83293 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate air_f35b_AISpawnPoint

Rename "usthe_uh60_" to "air_f35b_"

And thats the first step done. Now back to the UH60 file.

find this

ObjectTemplate.create SpawnPoint usthe_uh60_AISpawnPoint ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser psh ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1 ObjectTemplate.createdInEditor 1 ObjectTemplate.setEnterOnSpawn 1 ObjectTemplate.setOnlyForAI 1

copy it to your F35B file where there is a gap just press enter inbetween the "sections" to make sure its seperated.

now once its pasted, and renamed. It should look like this

ObjectTemplate.create SpawnPoint air_f35b_AISpawnPoint ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser psh ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1 ObjectTemplate.createdInEditor 1 ObjectTemplate.setEnterOnSpawn 0 ObjectTemplate.setOnlyForAI 0

Change the 1's in "ObjectTemplate.setEnterOnSpawn 1" and "ObjectTemplate.setOnlyForAI 1" to 0

If you want to enter the vehicle leave the "EnterOnSpawn" at 1 and change the "SetOnlyForAI" to 0 This will allow you to select it. Now save. use your archiver to zip up the file. Make sure you pack the folder called "Objects_server". Once this is done. Run BF2 and Enjoy your Paraspawn.

I havent seen the AI paraspawn from the plane. Only you can from what i know.