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Hi, im now part of a mod for BF2 called EuroWar, the quote below was created by the mod leader, U-2009. EuroMod is recuiting.

I am just letting everyone know that the Forum is now up and running for EuroWar. The URL of the forum is EuroWar Forum.

Hello, I wanted to start new mod, called EuroWar. The action of the mod would happen in near future, like 2010-2015. The story is following:

On October 8th 2009, a nuclear suitcase bomb has exploded in middle of London, killing 100,000 people. Same happened in Madrit, Berlin, Washington D.C., Tokyo and 50 other major cities. In the beginning, people thought that it was some terrorist group who have got their hands on nuclear arsenal, but after a plate from one of suitcase bombs have been found and it clearly stated that it was manufactured in China and Russia, the NATO has set special investigation. People who thought that it was a terrorist group responsible for the attacks were right, but they didn't know all of the truth. NATO investigation has shown that terrorists were supplied with portable nuclear devices by governments of China and Russia, paid by them and commanded by them. This has created total chaos, as USA, UK and France responded instantly to the results of the investigation. Ten thousand strategic missiles were sent over China and Russia, but both of them were ready for this. They have already secretly formed Red Star Alliance and now, they have counterattacked with hundred thousand nuclear weapons of their own. As all of the NATO countries had anti-missile defences, many of the strategic missiles were shot down before they could reach their targets, but as there were so many, many of them passed the defences and hit their targets. This was a total chaos, USA got completely destroyed, only few expeditionary forces survived. Europe was full of radioactive craters after explosions, but its military was almost untouched with exception of few well known military bases. Africa suffered from home war, starvation and radiation. Red Star Alliance was prepared for the attack, and had enough soldiers to invade remaining countries. Its hunger for world domination will never stop. But brave soldiers from Europe are still fighting. As the main frontline has moved to borders of Poland and West Ukraine, the EU launched its secret undeground factories and laboratories, inventing new technologies of destruction. In countries which were taken by Red Star Alliance, a rebel groups were formed. The time will tell what the outcome will be...

Above is the story for the mod, I hope you like it.

I need vehicle, weapon and statics modellers, skinners, coders, a military advisor (I am pretty good, but still need help with it), mappers, well everyone who would like to help. Effect editors would also be very usefull, as I plan to put something special into mod biggrin.gif. I also need good AI coders, as I want to make the bots more clever overall. The mod is going to be kind of reality mod (not kind of PR). By kind of i mean all weapons and most vehicles will have true specs, well, aircraft and heli will have midified for gameplay reasons. I don't want to make anything like PR, I want to have new statics (buildings with interiors, and so on), new vehicles, new armies and skins, so you know what you possibly will have to do and be part of (only if you join).

People who would like to join, please PM me or add me to xfire: predatorru .

Thanks everyone,


Sorry for any spelling mistakes/missed letters, my keyboard is very strange, new and it already misses letters... I am just letting everyone know that the Forum is now up and running for EuroWar. The URL of the forum is EuroWar Forum

Here are some more News Updates...

Glock 17 W.I.P CREATED BY hjid

After some days of modelling I've finally came up with this 3D model of a Glock.(See Attachments) The only things it needs now is a good skin and some freakin cool animations

If you have some suggestions of how to improve the Glock model I'll be delighted to hear.


Alpaka Map Update (Map Created by Alpaka1993)

Here is a screenshot of a map i have been making. The map is currently un-named. Would you like this map to be in EuroWar?

Its size is 2048x2048 (very big map).



Hi, I have made a list of possible weapons and vehicles in the new mod. Modelers, please look at it and say which ones you could make for the mod. I would really appreciate that.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Handweapons:

PP-19 Bizon - 2 variants, one with sound supressor one without Makarov - 1 silencer one wno silencer GSh-18 - 1 sound supressed one not AK74U - just one, not sound supressed OTs-14 Groza - 2 variants AN-94 - 2 variants AK-103 - 1 variant Saiga S-12K - with some kind of iron sights PKM - Proper model, i don't wat any vanilla weapons UKM-2000 - Modernized PKM, Used by Polish Military KORD RPG-29 SVU-AS - with sound supressor VSS Vintorez RGO - Russian hand granade PMN-4 - Russian AP mine TM-62M - Russian AT mine SA-14 Gremlin SA-18 Igla WIST-94 - Polish Handgun Wz.1996 Beryl Assault rifle - Polish AS, based on AK-74 Sako TRG - Finnish Sniper Rifle Tor - Polish made .50 cal sniper RPG-76 Komar - Polish made rpg Mk.19 Auto granade launcher Glock 17 - Austria, Poland HK USP - GErmany, Poland HK Mk.23 - with silencer USA FN P90TR - only silenced version Poland Belgium M21 Sniper rifle POland USA SIG P226 - 2 versions GErmany Poland Austria USA G36 in different variants Germany Poland HK416 (dont want another m4...) no silencer POland USA GROM AA - just make SA-18 and rename it GROM Poland SVD Dragunov Poland RK 95 TP - no silencer V├ąpensmia NM149 - sniper, no silencer Accuracy International AWM -- for brits and norway MP7 P80 LAW M72 FN MINIMI AK 5 - swedish ar Pskott m/86 HK GMG FN MAG48

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Land Vehicles

Leopard 2 versions A4 and A6 PT-91 M109 Self propelled howitzer Land rover Wolf T-90 T-80UM BTR-90 BTR-80 BMD-3 UAZ-469 Ural-4320 GAZ-3937 Vodnik - Amphibious!!! BRDM-3 ZSU-23-4M Shilka 9K35M3 Strela-10M3 / SA-13 2S19 MSTA-S 9A52-2 Smerch / BM-30 KTO Rosomak Quad - 2 versions, one ratrack and one normal honker Skorpion-3 STAR 266 WR-40 Langusta KRAB self propelled arty PzH2000 PZA Loara (no aa rockets) Flakpanzer GEPARD ATF Dingo TPz Fuchs APC Fennec Command Vehicle Leclerc 2 Ariette (italian tank, if i got name rite) Boxer some civilian cars and trucks...

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Air vehicles

Eurofighter Typhoon Tiger HAP different eurocopters, as long as theyre armed Chinook -- for UK Mi-8 Mil-24W Ka-50 Russian Antonov bomber, one with counter rotating propelers, sorry, forgot name Big Grin F-16 JAS Gripen Tornado, ground attack version Harrier Mirage 2000 Dassault Rafale SA 330 Puma

more will come later, as the mod develops...

Also exclusive tank for 3-4 maps

Black Eagle (tank) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

and patrol boat for maps with sea or some bigger water

Armidale class patrol boat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia