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5th July 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Hardjustice 1.3 will be released Feb.28/08 Hard Justice Mod

Here's the change list for: 1.3

-------------------------------------- A big Thanks to NAW for the use of some of their vehicles. A big Thanks to SatNav for the use of some of his vehicles and weapons. Thanks again to Chullster for the use of his account to test kit unlocks!

CHANGES: - For the first time in Hard Justice history we will be releasing a Linux version. (by Cerberus) - Most ground and air vehicles have been recoded for better usability. - Unlocks added to all armies! (US CH MEC 2 and 3 kits and CA EU kits) - Added 5 more seats to APC Cobra and APC CobraAT Vehicles - Added 2 more seats to Bradly - Completely recoded the lean for the Dirt Bike for much better stability! - All handheld weapons accuracy, recoil and damage have been adjusted. - Mp5 smg added to US CA EU assault kits with G3 and sniper kits with L96A1 and M24 in place of the pistol. - Type85 added to CH MEC assault kits with AK47 or AK101 and sniper kits with Type88 and Dragunov in place of the pistol.


NEW Items: - Designator (Original concept by BiggDogg, coded into game by Ziggy and BiggDogg) We're really excited about this addition! The Designator places a laser target where the user wants a laser guided bomb to strike! Sticks to objects (i.e. Artillery) and buildings but doesn't stick to soldiers! They are located in the Spec Ops and Sniper Kits. The MH6 Transport Littlebird pilot is also able to designate targets!

NEW vehicles: - Jeep Technical (models fixed and finished by Radar O'Reilly, coded into game by BiggDogg) - Woodys Wagon M109 Mobile Artillery (models fixed and finished by StrykerJ coded into game by Ziggy)

NEW vehicles from the NAW Mod: - Quad500cc (recoded by BiggDogg) - Quad125cc (recoded by BiggDogg) - Quad250cc (recoded by BiggDogg) - HMMWV with MK-19 grenade launcher (recoded by BiggDogg and Ziggy) - AA Technical (recoded by BiggDogg) - Tow Technical (recoded by BiggDogg) - SU25 Frogfoot (recoded by Ziggy) - SU25SC Scorpion (recoded by Ziggy) - Apache (recoded by Ziggy)

Unfinished Models from Naw Mod: - Baja Bug (models fixed and finished by Radar O'Reilly, coded into game by BiggDogg) - Challenger (models fixed and finished by Radar O'Reilly, coded into game by BiggDogg)

SatNav Weapons: - Javelin Top Seek(recoded by BiggDogg and Ziggy) - Javelin Direct (recoded by BiggDogg and Ziggy)

Added maps: - Highway Tampa - Juno Beach (by Toetagger) - Remagen Bridge (by Toetagger) - Harbour (by StrykerJ) - Desert Shield Advanced (by StrykerJ, Desert Shield Revisited Redone!)

NEW Sounds Added: - Dixie Horn (coded by BiggDogg) - Challenger Engine Sounds (coded by BiggDogg)

StaticObjects from Radar O'Reilly: - concrete_airstrip_long_endstr (coded by Radar O'Reilly) - Canadian Team - fire_hydrant (coded by Radar O'Reilly) - wood_fence (coded by Radar O'Reilly) - wood_fence_post (coded by Radar O'Reilly) - us_ShutupSign (coded by Radar O'Reilly) - end_of_track_bumper_24 (coded by Radar O'Reilly)

Vehicles BundledMesh- - bradly BGM_71A_Launcher (by Radar O'Reilly) - Bradly Rear interior (by Radar O'Reilly) - m270 rgm109h_Pod added tomahawk (by Radar O'Reilly) - jeep_technical and textures (by Radar O'Reilly)

Animation- - Challenger 3p_driver_challenger_animSys.inc (by Radar O'Reilly) - Challenger Passenger animation (by BiggDogg) - Jeep Technical Rear Gunner animation (by BiggDogg) - APC Cobra(AT) Passenger animations (by BiggDogg) - Bradly Rear Passenger animations (by Radar O'Reilly)

missiles- - rgm109h_tomahawk (Model made and textured by Radar O'Reilly, coded by Ziggy)

Added Objects from StrykerJ: - Defense Gun (coded by Ziggy) - tire_shop (coded by StrykerJ) - wood_barrel (coded by StrykerJ) - market (coded by StrykerJ) - tent (coded by StrykerJ) - mill (coded by StrykerJ) - Metal_Fence (coded by StrykerJ) - Metal_Fence_Corner (coded by StrykerJ) - Metal_Fence_dbl (coded by StrykerJ) - Metal_Fence_End (coded by StrykerJ) - cargo_container (coded by StrykerJ) - sign_25mph (coded by StrykerJ) - barrel_black (coded by StrykerJ) - barrel_black2 (coded by StrykerJ) - barrel_blue2 (coded by StrykerJ) - barrel_orange (coded by StrykerJ) - barrel_red (coded by StrykerJ) - barrel_red2 (coded by StrykerJ) - barrel_yellow2 (coded by StrykerJ) - cart (coded by StrykerJ) - chain_fence (coded by StrykerJ) - pipe (coded by StrykerJ) - barrack (coded by StrykerJ)

Authors: Ziggy / Radar O'Reilly / Cambo / StrykerJ / CDN-Biggdogg / Toetagger / Sugartooth / Ut-Oh / Cerberus

This was lifted from a wip of the new Readme. There may be additional entries in the finished version of the Readme.




I didn't make it!

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I didn't make it!

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#3 12 years ago

The final release had a couple errors in it that are easily fixable. They only relate to maps. The rest of mod is fine. We will be releasing a hotfix installer that will automatically replace the files. The Manual Hotfix includes a Readme that explains how and where to put the files.

For Regular Users that used the Full Client installer:

- The Map Omaha Beach 2008 has the wrong server.zip and needs to be replaced from the one in the Manual Hotfix.

For server Admins that use the server only Installer:

- The Desert Shield Advanced map is missing the server.zip file. You can copy it from the client install or copy it from our manual Hotfix.

- The Omaha Beach 2008 map is the wrong server.zip and needs to be replaced by the one from the manual Hotfix. It cannot be pulled from the client install as it is also wrong.

- Remagen Bridge map is the wrong server zip and needs to be replaced from the one in the client install. It's not available in the Hotfix.

The Linux server version only needs to correct the Remagen Bridge issue. The other maps were already fixed before release. Make sure the file has been converted to work properly with Linux.

Please visit Hard Justice Mod for the Linux version or for any assistance or questions you have.

You must have the latest version of Winzip to extract the installers. Winrar and older versions of Winzip do not work. We've gotten reports that 7Zip will also extract the files properly. We're sorry for the inconvenience as this was discovered after the files were distributed.

Client Files: Hard Justice Mod Web Site Global Alien Web Site Strykers Revenge Web Site

Client Files from the Netherlands: Client Files

Server Files: Hard Justice Mod Web Site Global Alien Web Site Strykers Revenge Web Site

Server Files from the Netherlands: Server Files

Manual HotFix 1: Hard Justice Mod Web Site Global Alien Web Site Strykers Revenge Web Site

Hotfix From the Netherlands: Hotfix Files

Here's the Client files on FileFront